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Local walks - from the doorstep and further afield

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Walking is something that surely soothes the soul, whether its to tire the kids out, spot a reclusive red squirrel, give the dogs their daily constitutional or just to aimlessly wander and give yourself some fresh air....

We're lucky from the front door of the Nethergate it is literally two minutes walk ( we timed it ) to Kinghorn Beach or the Fife Coastal Path.

The beach speaks for itself, but when the tide is out go via the beach along Pettycur to Burntisland. Its a gorgeous wide open expanse with the islands of Inchkeith and Edinburgh on the horizon and the Forth Bridges and Queensferry Crossing in the distance.

Once you reach the Blackrocks veer right and you'll soon be in Burntisland itself. Stop off for a coffee, drink or ice-cream then you can continue along a more shaded part of the coastal path to Aberdour. Return the same way or if you're feeling energetic come back via the Binn.

The Binn is the hill to the back of Burntisland which gives amazing views over the Forth and is great for exploring whether its to admire the view, see the remains of the Binn village or even seek out the cup and ring marked stones. There's even an iron age fort at Dunearn.

A good overview of the different walks over the Binn can be found here:-

Back at the Nethergate, head under the railway bridge and go through the pirate-themed playpark and back under the bridge and you're on the Fife Coastal Path heading towards Kirkcaldy.

The path quickly opens out when you pass the caravan park. You'll see info boards about the long gone ship building of Kinghorn and from then on just follow the path... you're almost certain to sea seals basking and possibly the odd heron or two. If you're really lucky you may see the dolphins. The path leads to Seafield Tower c1542 - a small ruin abandoned in 1733, which marks the outskirts of Kirkcaldy. Skip pass the supermarket and you're on Kirkcaldy Esplanade. Originally built as a source of employment its now undergoing a regeneration project as a waterfront destination. Carry on up the Path at the east end and you will come to Ravenscraig Castle and park which leads down into Dysart Harbour. More recently used as a stand-in for Le Harve on the tv series Outlander.

Read much more about the Fife Coastal Path on their own website. Details on Aberdour and Ravenscraig Castles can be found on the Historic Enviroment Scotland Website.

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3 comentarios

25 nov 2020

Seals and dolphins - wow. I have only ever seen one seal in the wild and I have never seen a dolphin. You are so lucky!

Me gusta

23 nov 2020

How lovely to be so close to such great walking paths.

Me gusta

22 nov 2020

What wonderful views practically on your doorstep. Great photos too!

Me gusta
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